Current Adult Ed Classes

Please note, August 25 and September 1 there will be no CE classes for Adults or Children. CE returns September 8.



Through August 18

The Gospel Project continues through August 18 in Vol. 3, Unit 8, “God Gives His People a Home” (Joshua). The Gospel Project is a continuing through-the-Bible study you may join at any time. Discussion in Fellowship Hall led by Darryl Hummel.

Darryl has been a member of OEPC for 9 years and was recently ordained as an Elder. He is a Senior Capture Manager with L3 Technologies. Darryl lives in Ambler with his wife Charlotta and 2 daughters Linnea and Ella, and has recently become an avid Revolutionary War history buff. 


Continues Every Week

Bible Fellowship Group

This is an open forum type discussion group covering a wide variety of topics from the Bible as a whole. Come with questions or items for discussion or simply interact with the topics and scripture presented. 

Led by Nick & Marilyn Furcola in the Library


September 8 – October 20  

Gospel Neighboring
Led by Chris Fantuzzo in Fellowship Hall

Jesus said to his disciples, “If you love me, keep my commands” and identifies loving our neighbor as one of two ‘greatest commandments’ that summarize God’s law (Matt 22:36-40; John 14:15; cf. 13:35). For followers of Jesus, there’s no avoiding the command to love our neighbor. Yet how many of our lives actually look like the ideal neighbor in Jesus’s Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10)? With our busy schedules and limited resources, how do we put the needs and concerns of others before our own? This seven-week course aims to help us take simple, practical, and biblical steps to connect, know, and serve the needs of our actual neighbors. While creating a solid foundation for outreach and mercy ministry, it also promises to deepen our prayer life and connection to God’s mission in the world. By listening, learning, connecting, and serving our neighbors in need, we will begin a journey of letting God grow our faith and witness to Oreland and our extended communities.