Current Adult Ed Classes

Expository Living 

Led by Don Jones in Fellowship Hall
October 8 through December 3 at 8:45am 

Join us for a series looking at the exciting concept of Expository Living.  It seems obvious that Expository Preaching should be followed by Expository Living.  Drawing on the Scriptures, Christian life experiences, and some of the teachings of Christian authors John Maxwell (Intentional Living) and Pastor Rick Warren (The Purpose Driven Life – What Are We Here For?) we will discuss the fact that we are:

  • Formed for God’s family
  • Created to become like Christ
  • Made for a mission
  • Planned for God’s pleasure
  • Shaped for serving God



Every Sunday @ 8:45am

Bible Fellowship Group

Led by Nick and Marilyn Furcola in the Library

This is an open forum type discussion group covering a wide variety of topics from the Bible as a whole. 
 Come with questions or items for discussion or simply interact with the topics and scripture presented.  It will be possible to make up the class as we go along. The only material which will be used will be God’s Word, the Bible, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.