Current Adult Ed Classes

Through March 10

The Gospel Project    

The Gospel Project continues in Genesis with Unit 2, “God Formed a Nation.” This unit focuses on the covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that formed the nation of ancient Israel, and how that covenant foreshadows the new covenant in Christ.  The Gospel Project is a three-year through-the-Bible study you may join at any time. 

Discussion led by Bert Saddler in Fellowship Hall. Bert is a retired professor of psychology and an elder at OEPC for the past 8 years.


Through March 24

Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church

What we believe about the future shapes how we live in the present.  Christians normally think of the future in terms of “going to heaven,” but the reality promised in Scripture is far greater: a new heaven and a new earth, a whole new creation.  Once you grasp this biblical vision of God’s future, it will transform your understanding of life in the present. 

A six-week video study by N. T. Wright with discussion Led by Karen Jobes in the Terrace room.  Karen is a retired professor of New Testament who has been attending OEPC with her husband, Buzz, since May 2016.


Continues Every Week

Bible Fellowship Group
Led by Nick & Marilyn Furcola in the Library

This is an open forum type discussion group covering a wide variety of topics from the Bible as a whole. Come with questions or items for discussion or simply interact with the topics and scripture presented.