Early Care & Lunch Bunch

Early care begins at 8:30 with a cost of $6 per morning. Lunch Bunch is a play-oriented program in which the children from the different classes have the opportunity to eat lunch together, read, do art activities, and play inside and outside. This is an afternoon program offered to 3-4 year olds that runs until 3:30. The cost for 2019-2020 is $10.00 to stay until 1:30, $15.00 to stay until 2:30, and $20.00 to stay until 3:30. 


Young Explorers

 These are once a week afternoon classes offered periodically throughout the year. They are designed to further enhance the children’s learning experiences. Each six week session covers a variety of topics, including science experiments, cooking, planets and space, and sea life. The classes are open to children in our Pre-K classes. The cost is $108 for a six week session.


Classic Acts

This is also a once a week afternoon class designed for children in our 3 year old classes. The children read, create artwork and act out various classic stories such as "Three Little Kittens", "Goldilocks" and more. The cost is $72 for a four week session.


Music & Gym

We have a music teacher who visits the classrooms weekly. Singing is accompanied by the piano, and simple rhythm instruments are introduced. The children perform a Christmas concert and an end-of -year concert for their families. Gym classes are held twice a month. The children get involved in music and movement, tumbling, and imaginative play. Parents are invited to the last gym class of the year to watch their children and participate in a giant parachute game.